30 July 2008

Sometimes You Just HAVE to Have Refried Beans and Cheese

Hubby and I got done with our walk by the marina as the sun went down late at almost 9 p.m. last night.

As we got into the car I said, "Now I have a craving for refried beans and chips."

This happened the last time as well, and we drove all the way to Walnut Creek because La Primavera was closed.

This time, light dawned on marble head!

"Let's just stop at Cinco de Mayo!" I suggested enthusiatically.

Cinco de Mayo is right along the road we take to get home from the marina. And fortunately, they stay open a little later than La Primavera (HUGE plus for Cinco de Mayo).

So I got my beans with cheese and the wonderful homemade tortilla chips AND they were still wonderfully warm and delicious when we got home. Score one point (and a bonus point) for Cinco de Mayo!

1 comment:

Joanie said...

Ohhh, my favorite! I love real beans and cheese!! Add fresh chips and what more could you need? Great post!

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