18 February 2011

Post-op update 3.5 wks: A week of mini milestones and stopping to smell the flowers

Another week has passed filled with more healing and more progress toward wellness. It feels so good to be on an upward trend instead of being on a downward one as I was before surgery.

I've forced myself to not work. I'm determined to keep myself from doing so until the 6 week mark has passed. Working would mean spending a great deal of time sitting in my office chair creating. I know myself well enough to know that once I'm in "creative mode", I lose track of time and everything else--including the common sense that would tell me when to stop because my body is hurting and doesn't like it. It's just best if I don't do any creating until after 6 weeks have passed.

Because that huge part of my life has been put on the shelf for the time being, I've found myself engaging in a lot of introspective activities.

This week, Hubby and I took a walk up and down half of our street and discovered the ornamental plum trees on the corner are in bloom. We also discovered that ornamental plum blossoms have a faint floral aroma. I never knew that before.

I felt up to strolling the garden this week. I found the little jonquils at the base of the olive tree are still in bloom. When the sun shines on them (and if I stand in just the right spot) their heady fragrance wafts up to my nose.

Later in the week, I learned how to delegate a major gardening activity to Hubby when our huge potted New Zealand flax blew over in some strong winds and needed to be up-righted and transplanted to a larger heavier pot. It was hard to stand aside and give verbal directions on what needed to be done, but I managed to do it. And dear Hubby was so patient as I tried to articulate what needed to happen (lots of hand signals were involved). I did pull a few weeds from some raised planters while we were out there... until Hubby caught me and told me to stop.

This week also marked the addition of some more regular foods back into my diet. Because of all the surgical work that was done around my digestive tract, I've had to be very selective about my food intake and follow a modified B.R.A.T. diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast). I was feeling like I could try and add some things back in and was pleased that my body cooperated pretty well. Last night, Hubby made me a wonderful hamburger with fresh ground beef on a whole wheat bun with some ketchup and some caramelized pan-sauteed onion. It was the first beef I've had since surgery. It tasted so good and didn't cause problems--another great milestone reached!

I am reminded of the movie "What About Bob?" and the line "Baby steps to four o'clock..." Every day I take baby steps toward wellness. They are small and often hardly noticeable, but they are baby steps forward and that's the direction I want to be headed.


NanaSue said...

Go, Cindy, go! <3

Diane said...

so awesome. glad you are doing so well!

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