30 September 2010

Things I wish I'd been told years ago about endo

The past couple of weeks, I've been preparing to go back "into battle". One of the ways I do that is to arm myself with as much information as I possibly can. As I've scoured the internet for the latest information and research on my disease, I've found some amazing facts. I've started a link list in the sidebar of this blog so others can locate the same resources I have.

But one resource struck me so deeply I had to give it its own post.

From the website of the Endometriosis Association:
What we know about endometriosis today is in large part due to continuing research by the Endometriosis Association. Here are just a few of the breakthroughs our research has revealed
  • Endometriosis can be caused by exposure to dioxins: groundbreaking research started in 1992 shows that endometriosis can be directly related to environmental toxins such as dioxins, providing for the first time a provable cause of endometriosis Learn more
  • Endometriosis is an immune system disease: research shows endometriosis is an immune disease as well as an endocrine disease
  • Endometriosis linked to autoimmune diseases: research shows links to autoimmune diseases in women with endometriosis
  • Pain: research shows links to cancers in women with endometriosis Learn more
  • Age: research shows endometriosis is beginning at a younger age, is more severe, with more symptoms, and is more debilitating in girls and young women currently diagnosed
  • Diagnosis: research continues on noninvasive diagnostic techniques
Think "killer cramps" are normal? Think again!
Take this quick questionnaire
from the Endometriosis Research Center.

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NanaSue said...

You go Girl! The word needs to get out, and you do an excellent job of making it understandable. Women shouldn't just settle for a mediocre existence when more is possible.

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