24 January 2011

Facing the dawn with my sunny face on

I had my last pre-op doctor's appointment today, and everything is a go! Although my surgeon was very realistic and frank with me about what my post-op recovery will most likely entail, I still feel peaceful and happily anticipatory at the prospect of finally having each future day be a day of healing instead of a day of waiting.

Endometriosis is such a tricky disease. I've learned that over the past few months in my self-imposed crash course of learning what I didn't know before. Dr. Cook and his staff have been instrumental in a lot of that learning. I am hopeful that once he's got his laparoscope inside that he (and eventually me) will have even more knowledge.

Many people may not think this is cool, but the fact that the entire surgery is being digitally recorded and that I get to have my own dvd of the surgery to keep afterward really intrigues me. Quite frankly, I'm curious to see what's been invading my body for about three decades. I doubt I'll invite friends over for popcorn when I view it though, so you can all rest assured you won't have to figure out a way to decline an invitation.

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Diane said...

I'm laughing right now, cause I am right there with ya. Does everyone who has surgery with him get a video? That is very cool. I completely understand!

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