16 March 2011

Post-op update 7 wks: Seeing myself from the inside

Yesterday marked the 7 week mark since my surgery. Interestingly, the dvd of my surgery came in the mail the day before, so Hubby and I found ourselves watching a portion of the dvd yesterday evening. This may seem odd to some, but we both found it fascinating.

Because the surgery was laparoscopic, Dr. Cook had to use cameras to see what he was doing inside me anyway. So it stands to reason that what the camera was "seeing" would also be recorded digitally. None of the surgical prep is included on the dvd (thankfully). It only shows what the laparoscope "saw" as it showed Dr. Cook what he needed to see. "Ports" (looking like short sections of plumbing) were put into each of the three small incisions that were made--one through my navel and one over each hip. The camera and surgical equipment were put into each one and switched around throughout the surgery depending on the area being addressed. It was interesting to watch the footage when the camera was being switched from one "port" to another--one of the few times anything outside my body was visible.

It is a rare opportunity to get to see inside one's own body. I was amazed at what I look like. Of course, as an artist, I noticed all the different colors of the tissues and organs. Who knew I was so many different shades of pink in there?

It is also a rare opportunity to get to witness a surgery being performed on one's own body. I consider it a wonderful privilege afforded me by modern technology to get to see the artistry of my surgeon as he used a CO2 laser to perform vaporization of the nasty endometriosis and adhesions that riddled my internal organs. Watching the dvd has further deepened my gratitude for Dr. Cook as well as the medical advances that made such a procedure possible. Most adhesions looked like thick cobwebs stringing one organ to another. And one by one I got to watch that laser focus on each one and literally vaporize them into curls of vapors swirling around in front of the camera. I'm telling you, it is fascinating stuff!

An interesting additional benefit of seeing the video is that I have been given a better understanding of how to allow my body to heal going forward. I was feeling tempted to push myself to resume all normal activity once the 6 week mark rolled by. I realize now that I need to take things slower. I've allowed myself to take a longer leave of absence from my creative career activities instead of trying to push through the muscles spasms up and down my trunk that happen every time I try to sit and create in my studio.

Normalcy will come.

I know that.

But for now, since I've literally seen myself from the inside, I know I need to let my insides take the time they need to heal.


Christine said...

Doesn't seem odd to me. I would love to watch a vieo like that. I asked one of my sisters to show me pictures she has of her daughter's appendix being removed. She said "Why am I not surprised you want to see those?" I'm glad you are doing well.

Lynda Lehmann said...

I wish they would come up with a cure for endometriosis. But I'm glad yours has been successfully and effectively treated!

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