13 January 2011

Killing time working the pre-op checklist

When I initially met with my surgeon, I was given a neat and organized folder with all the helpful paperwork I would need before and after surgery. One paper, in particular, caught my attention... the checklist!

I love checklists.

And now with less than 2 weeks until surgery, I can finally turn to that checklist to occupy my impatient self! It's a great way to kill time. And it diverts my attention so I don't whine as much to my long-suffering husband.

There's lots of "fun" stuff on the checklist like: when to get my pre-op blood work done; when to stop taking certain medications and/or herbal supplements; and when to purchase and take priobiotic, magnesium citrate, and laxatives. I told you... "fun" stuff.

This week I got my blood drawn by a wonderful phlebotomist that did such a great job I didn't feel a thing even though it took two tries to find a vein, and there were over a dozen vials that needed to be filled. I was amused to see another phlembotomist's framed certificate on the shelf of the blood draw room we were in. The woman's last name was "Hurts". There was a wedding photo on another wall, so I began to wonder if "Hurts" is her married name or her maiden name? Did she choose her profession with that last name or did the last name get given to her after the fact? As you can tell, I had a lot of time to think up lots of inane questions.

This week also marked the date on the checklist that I can no longer take certain medications until after the surgery. There were lots of herbal supplements on the list too but since I don't take any I didn't really have to worry about them. But I do have to go without taking any pain relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin until after surgery because they're considered blood thinners. Since ibuprofen is the only pain med that works for me, I'm having to tough it out.

I'm finding prayer to be a great pain reliever... that and copious amounts of orange sherbet ice cream.


Mom and Dad said...

Cindy, our prayers are with you. You are such a positive, courageous gal!

Diane said...

I love orange sherbet ice cream too! We could be the best of friends. :)

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