04 February 2011

Post-op update 1.5 wks: The joy of living in stretchy pants

It's been a week and half since my surgery and my body is cooperating in the healing process. I still have to take pain medication regularly in order to maintain a level of comfort that is conducive to healing (just as Dr. Cook instructed). My energy levels are better than I anticipated, and I'm also surprised how easily I was able to go back to a regular food diet.

Although I'm tempted to push myself and just "go go go", I'm forcing myself to follow doctor's orders and give my body the full 6 weeks of post-op recovery that he said I will need. Who knows what I'll be like around week 4.

I have yet to receive my own copy of the written surgery report and the dvd of my surgery, but that will come eventually. I want to know all the details involved in the procedure but I'm doing well being patient as I wait. Once I have the report in my hot little hands, I'll be pouring over it in great detail.

For now, I'm enjoying a recuperative "vacation" spent in oh-so-comfy lounging togs (aka stretchy pants, sweats or PJs) while watching copious amounts of HGTV and all my fave shows on the dvr and Netflix.

And when I need a little "action"... I go up and down the stairs a couple of times in one day.

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RURAL said...

Cindy, I am so glad to hear that you are progressing. There are joys in stretchy pants, but there will also be joy in the fact that they will soon be a option. Take very good care of yourself, and take it easy.

Love the idea of a day out being the trip up and down the stairs.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

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