08 April 2011

On to post-op phase 2: Tackling my other health issues

I celebrated my 10 week post-op milestone with a Skype appointment with Dr. Cook to discuss my progress and the results of my recent blood tests. It was so cool to sit in the comfort of my own home and meet with my doctor. Technology is the best! And a technologically savvy doctor is even better!!!

A few weeks ago Dr. Cook had me go in for a 3 hour glucose tolerance test. At the same time he had them take blood for a 3 hour insulin test to compare the numbers. I also had my A1C tested that identifies the average plasma glucose concentration in my body over a prolonged period of time.

Dr. Cook didn't like the numbers that came back. I'm used to a lot of the jargon and baseline numbers because Hubby has Type 2 diabetes, so I didn't like the numbers that came back either. My A1C is too high at 6.3 and my insulin and glucose numbers over the 3 hour period indicate pretty strongly that I am insulin resistant. Basically, this means that the insulin in my body is less effect at lowering blood sugars than it should be. I'm not diabetic but my numbers indicate pre-diabetic levels. And since my diet and nutrition is already very close to the one followed by diabetics, Dr. Cook highly recommended that I begin taking Metformin. Dr. Cook also wants me to take two nutraceuticals--MetaGlycemX™ and Insinase™.

Once we discussed the insulin and glucose issues, we moved on to discuss the results from my thyroid panel and the reverse T3 test. Those numbers weren't pretty either and indicate that I have an under-performing thyroid. My low body temp of 96.7F (35.94C) was the doctor's first indication that this was the case, and the tests confirmed it. So once my body acclimates to the metformin then I will begin taking a thyroid med.

I know that a lot of people may have been overwhelmed and stressed by the results and the discussion of the solutions, but for me it was a relief. I have suspected for years that my thyroid wasn't right and also suspected insulin resistance. I've asked previous doctors to please refer me to an endocrinologist to explore why my body is so "off", but it always fell on deaf ears. To finally have Dr. Cook (an endocrinologist as well as an endometriosis surgeon) order the right tests and then interpret them correctly is a huge relief. I finally have a battle plan and am armed so I can tackle what I've wanted to tackle for years.

In a perfect world, I'd rather have a perfectly functioning body. But that has never been my reality. I'm simply happy with identifying the issues and then actively addressing them so I can have health and wellness finally... even if I've had to wait until I'm 44 years old to finally get it. The spring of 2011 is turning into a symbolic springtime for my life in many ways and it's blossoming with possibilities.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

Cindy, I'm sorry to read you've been having health issues. I hope your current status has you feeling in control of the problem(s) and upbeat about dealing with them.

My very best wishes to you.

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