21 April 2011

Okay, can I just whine for a wee little bit?

I hate getting used to new meds. Right now I feel like the flower above... kind of there but a little worse for wear yet still looking toward the light on the horizon. Dr. Cook told me that it would take a week or two for my body to acclimate to the Metformin I'd be on. Hubby already went through the experience firsthand years ago and concurred. It all sounded so nice in theory.

Being only 12 weeks out from surgery probably doesn't help. There's a lot of grumbling and unhappiness in my digestive tract that's different from the intestinal distress I was told to expect. My insides are probably saying, "Haven't we been through enough? Now what are you doing to us?"

All I can say is, "Sorry" and then feel like a lump while my insides try to work it all out--all the while repeating little mantras I say to myself...

"There's a light on the horizon... keep your eye on it."

"This is all very temporary."

"I've been through worse... remember what it was like before surgery?"

"It could be worse... it could be raining."

Oh... it has been raining? Well, never mind that one.


Joanie said...

I was going to tell you we've had lots of raining here! Hope you get to feeling better soon.
Love and hugs,

Brent I. said...

...and it could rain a bit more before the weather really warms up, just being prepared...



Sarah Elizabeth said...

Oy and yick. Just be patient with your poor body, it's had a rough year. I can't even imagine all the things you've been through, pooky. So you go ahead and whine a bit and repeat all the platitudes you can to make yourself feel better. Because seriously, nothing lasts forever, thank heaven!

Razzberry Corner said...

Its been raining here all day long! And of course it was my day off work!

Get well soon! Hope you feel better before you know it!

Diane said...

Hi Cindy!

Hope you are doing better now. We have not talked since my surgery. I did finally get a couple blogs up, but need to blog more on my recovery. It's been bumpy. I'm not great. Trying not to lose hope though, being barely two weeks out from surgery.

love and hugs!

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