04 May 2011

Chocolate can cure just about everything... except sheer stupidity

Yesterday marked 14 weeks since my surgery. And if it wasn't for my own stupidity, I'd probably be doing really well right about now. But leave it to me, "The Sledgehammer Queen", to try to take on a task that's far too big for someone in my post-op state to manage.

I'll give you the truncated version:
  1. ordered a pallet of huge slabs of flagstone (important to note they were stacked vertically)
  2. leveled an area in the front garden and installed a flagstone patio for a small fountain
  3. felt fine afterward so thought I'd do more in the back garden (big mistake)
  4. rolled "just one more" slab off the pallet which shifted the weight
  5. pallet of flagstone tipped over and landed a few feet over our property line onto the neighbor's driveway
  6. in a state of impaired judgment I decide to move all slabs back onto our side of the property line by sledgehammering into liftable chunks and carting them by wheelbarrow to the back garden... by myself
  7. Need I say more?
Needless to say, the tissue in my lower abdomen and pelvic cavity are not happy with me. I've been swollen for over a week now. Now instead of being able to go out into the garden where I find a great deal of satisfaction, serenity and enjoyment doing small tasks like weeding and pruning, I can't do anything. It's my own dumb fault.

You'd think I'd learn. But the family motto "How hard can it be?" must have a genetic component that runs deep in my veins because I never seem to learn.


Merrilee said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Do you think you did any damage or mainly just irritated it?

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I'm being optimistic and thinking I irritated the tissue where the healing was happening. At least that's what I'm telling myself so I feel better.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh Cindy, ....so sorry. I really hope that you heal quickly, and that there isn't too much damage.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Joanie said...

OK... now learn this one from the Queen of *How hard can it be?*


Diane said...

How are you feeling now? I will shoot you an email later today. Praying for you.

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