28 September 2010

"Cute attacks" are good for me, go figure!

This is Dexter and a normal sized cat bed called a "sherpa".
The bed isn't too small for other cats.... so you do the math.

I have found a lot of helpful and sound advice for living from Dr. Christiane Northrup, OB/GYN (you may have seen her on PBS). Ever since I heard her talk about a way to create positive chemical and hormonal reactions inside one's body to encourage health, I've tried to keep that as a priority. She said that the easiest way for a woman to achieve this is to think of something that makes her inner nurturing core glow.

Sounds too "new age"? Keep reading because it's sound medical advice backed by science.

Making your inner nurturing core glow is basically when you get warm fuzzies and are all fluttery inside because something has touched that nurturing place unique to women's brains. Dr. Northrup gave examples of what it means to make your inner nurturing core glow. For some it is the thought of a newborn baby. For others it is the thought of baby birds or puppies. For some (like me) it is the thought of baby kittens. It's the "ahhhhh" response that gets all those good "juices" firing off inside our brains. And those good "juices" create health and wellness.

Nurturing and emotional bonding (as well as other important things) are processed in a specific part of our brains--the limbic. And the limbic is larger in women than in men (explains why we are such good nurturers).

So, according to Dr. Northrup, the antidote for all the stress responses that I am barraged with daily is to find things that give me the warm fuzzies (or "cute attacks" as Hubby and I call them).

Now, I have to ask... what prompts you to have a "cute attack"?


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Too cute, he is a real sweetie. There is something adorable about a cat pretending to fit into something smaller then it.

I love Dr. Christine, and have her book, I've lent it out to a friend. She is reading bits and pieces, and she tells me that it makes such great sense. And that her life is mirroring Dr. C's right now. She is full of good knowledge!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Joanie said...

Dexter cracks me up! You gotta love a mogo cat like that!

What makes me laugh? Which might not be the same thing? The thought of dogs running so fast they can't get traction and their little bum and tails tucked in... bwahahahahaha

Carolynn said...

I own a copy of Dr. Northrup's book The Wisdom of Menopause. I bought it years before that was even on the horizon for me. I figured, know your product, right? If I can't figure out what's going on for me at any given time, I refer to her book. I'll usually find something of value in there.

What gives me a cute attack? Definitely my cutie pie senior citizen cat, Celine. She has the most darling little ski-jump nose. *smile* She can cuss like nobody's business though. We're working on that....

NanaSue said...

Cute Attack? Looking at the baby pictures by Anne Geddes... Awwww.

mrsktj said...

I love Christiane Northrup! And also get cute attacks at the sight of my overweight sleeping cat. :)

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