11 August 2008

An Unexpected Harvest

Hubby and I ventured out into the garden this evening as the sun was setting. Hubby had just arrived home from working late. I hadn't gone out in the garden all day because I was avoiding the oppressive heat. I wasn't anticipating finding anything to harvest. I had just been out there day before yesterday and taken all the good stuff in--or so I thought.

I am on self-appointed "zucchini watch" and still didn't expect to find a zucchini that was big enough to harvest. Then I found the overly large cucumber that appeared from who-knows-where. And where in the world did all these pole beans come from?

While I harvested the green things, Hubby went around the tomato plants picking sun-ripened tomatoes--his favorite treat of all time, I think. I'm not quite sure how many Sweet 100 tomatoes ended up in his mouth and how many made it inside.

Regardless, there will be fresh veggies on the menu this evening and that makes my sweet husband very happy. Being a Type 2 diabetic is a real downer unless he has something to look forward to and fresh veggies fit the bill.

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