07 April 2009

Of all places, why the mall?

One of my absolute favorite treats is peach frozen yogurt at Berry Twist. I'm a purist... I don't get any toppings (although Hubby does)--just lovely, unspoiled, peachy frozen goodness for me.

Here's the problem... Berry Twist is in the mall--a place I dread. Hopping with teens looking for their next crush and fashionistas dressed to be seen, the mall isn't the place I want to go when I need my peach frozen yogurt the most--when I'm feeling crappy and gross. The times when I least want to get dressed in real clothes are also the times when I most want this delectable treat. I can't just pull my hair back, pull on something other than my jammies and go through a drive-thru somewhere. Nope. When I need the soothing coolness of peach yogurt sliding down my throat, I have to also muster up the courage to dress to the nines, brave the mall parking lot and the escalator to procure said yogurt.

It all makes me very tired. I wonder if Berry Twist knows how much business they'd have if they weren't in the mall.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh, peach is my fav too, and no toppings for me please.

I hear you on the mall part of this, it's a huge hassle. You didn't mention having to run the gauntlet of smokers breaking the law outside.....

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Joanie said...

I know its hard... but DON'T CARE what other people think about how you are dressed or how your hair looks or that you have a big zit, no, make that THREE, between your eyes (wait... that's me)! Go to the entrance closest to to Berry Twist and get your peachy goodness! Wear your sunglasses if you must.
Love you sweetie!

PS The fashionistas are too self absorbed to even notice us common folk!

Laura Bray said...

Is berry twist like Pinkberry? I have a recipe so you can make that delicious, tart yogurt at home. 1 32oz container plain yogurt. 1 cup sugar. Mix. Put in ice cream machine & freeze according to manufacturer's instructions. It's so delicious! And NO mall. I'm sure you could slip in some peaches...

Carolynn said...

Who made up THAT rule? I say pull your hair back, wear your sweat pants and take your yogurt home where you can enjoy it in your fluffy slippers.

I'm not much of a peach fan, but give me a DQ vanilla ice-cream, hold the toppings, any time.

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