17 June 2011

Well, my temperature's rising... and that's a good thing!

Because of the thyroid meds Dr. Cook has me on, I've been tracking my body temp for almost 3 weeks now, and I've been pleased to find that it has consistently been above 97F (36C) and often above 98F (37C). My average temp has been 97.9F. That's much better than the 96F temp reading I had when I was in the doctor's office the last time.

Dr. Cook explained to me that there are enzymes the body uses for metabolizing things that need a certain level of warmth in order for them to be most effective. So even a degree or two low and those enzymes don't work efficiently.

I've also been pleased to find that I haven't gotten sick with a virus since I've been taking the 6000 iu of Vitamin D daily for the past 3 months. I was always getting sick with something, so this is a major milestone for me too.

I can feel my body finding balance again. It's very subtle, but I can feel it.

I have a Skype appointment with Dr. Cook coming up to go over my latest blood test panel results (I had seven). I'm hoping the results show that my body is moving in the right direction. And if not, I'm hoping that it will help Dr. Cook zero in on any other issues that need to be tackled.

I've been very good about not pushing my body beyond its limits, so my pain levels have been mostly low to non-existent. It's funny that of all the things I face, keeping myself from overdoing it is the biggest challenge. I think it's an issue many women would face.

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