18 August 2008

Good Enough to Eat

A new collection of my photographs is on display at the Rosehaven Cottage Art Gallery entitled "Beautiful Produce".

Being a photographer as well as gardener who grows produce in my garden has opened my eyes to the simple beauty of produce on the branch or vine and produce that has been been harvested. I regularly walk my gardens at various times throughout the year, as our climate allows us to have a year-round produce garden. As I walk the garden looking for the minute changes from one day to the next, it always fascinates me how beautiful nature can be in its simple colors, textures, and forms. In particular, what I find striking is the beauty of the produce that we eventually eat. The phrase "looks good enough to eat" has takes on new dimensions for me as I have realized that what we do end up eating has an amazing beauty all its own.

In this collection, I have tried to capture the beautiful simplicity of fruit and vegetable produce without post-production enhancement in order to show the subjects as they appeared in reality when photographed. The light I've used is always available light. When I've shot these photographs, it's been just me, my camera and the beautiful produce.

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