19 August 2008

"Yummy" In A Different Way

I've been completely submerged in design work as of late so the kitchen has been Hubby's territory for the past couple of days. That means no "sinful" treats are getting made and photographed. I call Hubby my "personal chef" because he makes dinner every night, and culinary creations are always amazingly delicious as well as very healthy. He's a Type 2 diabetic and I have high cholesterol so he's really good about cooking foods that are good for us. The food is so delicious you'd never know it.

So the "yummy" things I have to share today come from my design world where I can design and paint all the "sinful" treats I want and not worry at all whether it's healthy or not.

Like these scrumptious looking maraschino cherries on Keds sneakers (click on the image to see it larger):

Or the decadent goodness of this calorie-free chocolate candy (click on images to see larger):

There are perks to be a designer. I can indulge in all the treats without dealing with the aftermath. It's great!

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Reeni said...

Those are so cute!

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