27 August 2008

Kettle Korn With Only 100 Calories!

That's right... 100 calories! If you didn't already know, Orville Redenbacher makes a "Smart Pop!" popcorn with the wonderful sweetness of kettle-corn popcorn without the guilt. Each mini bag is 94% fat free and is perfect for a one-person snack.

I like to have mine in the evening while I'm watching TV or a DVD when I feel a need for something crunchy and/or something sweet.

It pops up very evenly in the microwave. I use the pre-set for a small bag of popcorn, and I have yet to have a torched batch.

The Smart Pop! Kettle Korn is also available in bigger bags if you want to pop up some for more than one person (of course it'll be more than 100 calories).

Here the nutrition breakdown for a mini bag straight from the product site:


eric said...

Actually, if you eat REAL kettle corn while on a treadmill, it's also 100 calories. (per hour) :-)

Velma's "Wicked Delicious" Kettle Corn popcorn

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Jolly Time has the same deal, and theirs is usually on sale. Plus ohmigosh they have carmel apple flavor which you MUST try...it makes the house smell like pie. Love it!

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